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Adams, Christopher Guidance Counselor
Miller, Robert Principal
Lewis, Becca Secretary III/Accountant II
Sherman, Joe Asst. Principal
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Adams, Victoria Art
Ayers, Tammie English
Barb, Julie Social Studies
Campbell, Justin Physical Science
Carr, Vivian Track Coach
Cremann, Gretchen Earth Science/Intro to Majors/Biology
Crites, Tim Special Education
Dent, Cody Agriculture/FFA
Dyche, Jessica English/Journalism/Theatre
Eskridge Alley, Traci English
Evans, Lori Cheer Coach
Harman, Sharon Science
Hill, Charlotte Physical Education/Health
Keplinger, Paul Girls Basketball Coach
Riggleman, Melissa English
Rush, Jeffrey Math
See, Jackie Social Studies
See, Josh Physical Education/Health
See, Sarah Library
Sites, Michelle Mathematics
Slack, Mary Hospitality/Travel and Tourism
Stickley, Barb Track Coach
Stutler, Scott Boys Basketball Coach
Thomas, Connie Business Education
Vance, Jeff Social Studies
Vetter, Chessie Special Education
Vetter-Crites, Sara Band
Wallace, Heather Math
Watts, Nick Drivers Education
Western, Fred Earth Science/Physics
Wright, Linda Mathematics

Cook-Tusing, Nicci Aide
Crites, Jessica Custodian
Dettinburn, Day Cook
Ketterman, Arno custodian
Myers, Theresa Aide
Salyers, Sunja Cafeteria Manager
Smith, Brenda Cook
Wolfe, Deborah Custodian III